About the Conference

CompTest 2013 will be held 22-24 April 2013 in Aalborg, Denmark.

Previous conferences in this series were held in:

  • Châlons en Champagne (France) in January 2003
  • Bristol (UK) in September 2004
  • Porto (Portugal) in April 2006
  • Dayton (USA) in October 2008
  • Lausanne (Switzerland) in February 2011

Conference scope

This conference aims at bringing together the International scientific community working in the field of testing and modeling of composite materials and structures.

It is well accepted that testing such heterogeneous and anisotropic materials and structures raises a number of challenges to researchers, such as the identification of numerous parameters, the development of specific test fixtures (shear, compression, fracture toughness), or the control of parasitic effects. As a consequence, the development of testing and model identification procedures is broadly recognized as an interesting and important area. Read more...

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